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      The industry's first integrated connected lighting solution for hazardous areas

      Eaton's Crouse-Hinds Division now has an innovative and reliable solution that optimizes your industrial lighting applications based on space and specific usage requirements.

      Combining our advanced LED lighting fixtures with communications and sensing technology, we put full lighting control at your fingertips allowing you to maximize energy savings and minimize maintenance costs.


      Connected lighting functionality

      Eliminate over usage of lights

      • Optimize facility illumination by using light where and when you need it
      • Up to 80% more efficient than standard LED luminaires and up to 2 times more fixture life due to reduced run time
        (Assuming 24/7 operation base case for standard LED)

      Flexible and intuitive controls

      • Intuitive software allows you to easily tune light output to meet specific safety and task needs
      • Integral sensor on luminaire detects and measures area occupancy, lighting levels and ambient temperatures
      • Controller inside luminaire manages lighting levels per pre-defined settings (scheduling, dimming, etc.)
      • Powered by SmartMesh WirelessHART technology, a field-proven full mesh networking solution for industrial applications